Nitrogen For Tires Nitrogen is offered at all four Tupelo Xpress Lube locations and the Corinth (our Pennzoil Service Center) location, but not at our Booneville location.

This proven technology is used in NASCAR & Indy tires for fuel mileage, as well as space shuttle and aircraft tires, to reduce heat.

N2 Vs Regular Compressed Air:

  • Nitrogen maintains more constant tire pressure
  • Nitrogen keeps tires 20% cooler
  • Nitrogen-filled tires help fuel consumption
  • Nitrogen can prolong the life of the tire
  • Nitrogen can improve handling and performance
  • Nitrogen can reduce tire failures by as much as 80%

We offer nitrogen for $4.99 per tire, and will top off that tire for the life of the tire free of charge.
We charge $1.00 for top offs if nitrogen was not originally purchased from us.

Tire Saver Package: $44.99

  • Fill all 4 tires with nitrogen
  • Tire rotation
  • Computer balance all four tires

Other tire services:

  • Tire rotation: $15.00
  • Tire rotation and computer balance: $34.99
  • Tire saver package: $44.99
  • Alignment service (North Gloster Xpress Service Center) $49.99 - $59.99
    (includes free basic tire rotation upon request, at time of alignment)

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